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Services of history
Services of history
Services of genealogy
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Scope of services
We can offer services as follows:
  • Drawing up of your family tree and its decorating;
  • Finding of your arms in the archives and its interpretation; creation of a new one according to the rules of heraldry; presenting of the arms as a picture or as painted engraving;
  • Finding of your ancestors and relatives who are living in Russia now;
  • Archival documentary research work;
  • Copying of archival documents;
  • Personal examination of old photos including Russian uniform of all kinds (of the Tsar Army etc); examination of archival materials; granting of any accessible official information;
  • Searching of data on history of enterprises, businessmen in all aspects;
  • Historical researches and work with dissertations;
  • Compiling of the bibliography on your exact query on the basis of catalogues of Russian libraries and other institutions; summaries; copies of the books and articles;
  • Finding of data in various books, newspapers and magazines;
  • Developing of determined historical research on the basis of Russian libraries and archives;
  • Rare books finding and buying for you;
  • Documents delivery;
  • Providing of personal assistance in Russia.
  • Detailed old maps comprising the whole Russian territories and registers of populated areas.
The cost of services mentioned above depends on individual circumstances.
Complex inquiry needs analysis using different sources ($200) and also preliminary work in the first archive ($200). The customer can order these two stages of investigation separately. At the same time the analysis of the inquiry and the work in the first archive can be ordered at once and in this case the cost is $100. All this allows us to value the available and necessary data in order to execute your inquiry, all the variants and success of the further search and its cost.

The prices for other services are contractual; the rate is from $15 up to $20 per expert's work hour.